The importance of recycling

Recycling bins

Image credit: Jan van der Wolf Pexels

Ever wonder what the different recycling symbols mean? In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the important recycling symbols that you should know! But first, let’s understand more about plastic waste and its impact!

Plastic waste and its Impact:

As plastic is non-biodegradable (or, in other words, it does not break down naturally), plastic waste ends up getting accumulated and dumped in landfills. And since there is no other way to dispose of plastic waste, mass quantities of plastic are incinerated daily. In 2021, NEA reported 982 metric tons of plastic waste in landfills. One can imagine how detrimental this must have been to the environment. Large volumes of toxic gases get released into the atmosphere, which worsens air pollution and reduces the quality of the air we breathe.

One way to navigate through the amount of plastic waste we see in our world would be through recycling. Recycling allows for plastic waste to be converted into useful products that can be used on a long-term basis. This will reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills and help to mitigate the negative impact plastic waste has on our planet. 

Significance of different recycling symbols:

For recycling to be effective, we must know how to dispose of our waste to prevent contamination and the creation of more waste. Doing so starts with a good understanding of all the plastic recycling symbols. Check them out below! 



However, beyond recycling, one must use more eco-friendly products in everyday life. Thus, join SimplyGood and start establishing more eco-friendly practices in your lives. In fact, check out our other blog to get some headway! Sustainability needs to be established for things to get better for our planet. 

This can be done by supporting brands pushing for sustainable practices. Here are a few of our favorite brands which reduce plastic waste - Bamboo Straw Girl, Jomingo, Unpackt and, of course, SimplyGood’s cleaning tablets. All these brands have found ways to replace plastic in frequently used products with eco-friendly materials. 

Purchasing from brands that help reduce plastic waste can significantly reduce the number of plastic bottles purchased and thrown away and, by extension, the amount of waste in landfills. Start making these little changes today for the betterment of our planet.