Sustainable brands in Singapore

Sustainable brands in Singapore

Image credit: Noah Buscher - Unsplash

Sustainability has become a growing trend where many companies are going out of their way to ideate and create eco-friendly products. Many products today are innovative and pushing the sustainability motion even further.

To celebrate National Day this year, SimplyGood would like to share some sustainable Singaporean brands. Let’s learn how these companies maintain quality and push for environmental sustainability simultaneously!

1. Minimaker


Plastic waste is detrimental to our planet. It is a huge risk to wildlife, is very toxic when incinerated and reduces the appeal of locations. This is especially concerning as plastic is utilized in almost all products either as a component or in packaging. Thus, one company decided to modify the latter to reduce the use of plastic wraps. Check out Minimaker!

Minimaker has developed ingenious beeswax wraps that are biodegradable and can easily replace plastic wraps. These beeswax wraps are also specific to different goods and services and have been responsibly sourced. When one can help the environment and still enjoy high-quality packaging, Minimaker is quite obviously the best choice!

2. Selva Foods


Desserts, especially ice cream, tend to be very high in calories. The high amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners pose health risks and increase the probability of diabetes and hypertension. However, with Selva Foods, this can be solved!

Each serving of Selva's healthy ice cream contains only 50 calories and tastes just as good or perhaps even better than traditional sugar-based ice cream! The primary source of their sweetness comes from the popular superfood known as acai berries, which are hand-picked from South America. Most importantly, they fight against plastic usage and utilize fully biodegradable packaging. With healthy ice cream and a cause towards sustainability, one must consider switching to their delicious yet nutritious ice creams!

3. WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods

Most Singaporeans have a very busy and fast-paced life. We are often very focused on work and do not have much time to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals often. Hence, we often rely on instant food such as noodles and other microwaveable dishes. However, all these, especially instant noodles, are quite unhealthy and are not good for the digestive system. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, then WhatIF Foods is a brand to look out for!

WhatIF Foods has come up with an ingenious way to make instant noodles healthier by using entirely plant-based ingredients and including nutritious vegetables such as pumpkin in their noodle dough and Bambara groundnut in their milk products! Besides that, they only utilize regenerative crops in their products to reduce wastage and free up more agricultural land to grow plants. We think a company that is both able to provide fast and nutritious meals and push for sustainable living should not be ignored. Don’t forget to check out WhatIF Foods today!

4. Unplastik


When storing food or other perishable goods, one often utilizes plastic resealable bags (e.g, Ziploc) or plastic boxes. However, the use of plastic in both of these makes them very environmentally unfriendly. Plastic is damaging to the planet, which is why Unplastik has come up with an innovative way to store food, perishable goods and other items more sustainably. 

They have replaced plastic with high-quality and responsibly sourced silicon and made reusable storage bags. Not only is this better as silicone is biodegradable and easy to use, but it also increases the tenacity and strength of the storage bags. This makes it much more efficient than plastic and is a better alternative to resealable bags and plastic boxes. Based on all this, it is safe to say that there is no reason to ignore Unplastik!

5. SimplyGood

SimplyGood's range of products

Last but not least, we have to add our company, SimplyGood, to this list. Many of us purchase cleaning solutions to keep our homes clean. However, we tend to ignore the constant accumulation of plastic bottles and even water wastage due to this. Chemicals found in conventional cleaning products often make surfaces sticky and unpleasant. Thus, if one wants to be more eco-friendly, turn to SimplyGood!

SimplyGood sells tablet refills that are more sustainable than traditional bottles of cleaning solutions. They are smaller and lighter than traditional cleaning products and can produce 500ml of cleaning solution when dissolved in water.  This concept encourages consumers to reuse their current spray bottles instead of purchasing new ones each time they need to restock their cleaning supplies! This alleviates the constantly growing amount of waste in landfills. 

Consider switching to sustainable brands such as those shared above and push for a brighter tomorrow. Start today.