5 easy sustainable living swaps to try at home

Sustainable home
Image credit: Vecislavas Popa - Pexels 

With each passing day, we’re hearing more about climate change in the news and how we should live more sustainably. So, when thinking of the best place to begin adopting more sustainable habits, it makes natural sense to start at the place where we spend most time in–our home!

There are many tiny tweaks you can start adopting (some of which might save you money too!). It does not have to be immediate changes, take it one step at a time and remember that every small action makes a big difference.

Here are five easy sustainable swaps you can adopt, starting at the comfort of your own home.

Opt for Natural Ventilation    

Take advantage of the cooler weather during these coming months by switching off the fan or air-conditioning. When it’s not pouring outside, open your windows and draw the curtains (or even opt for sheer curtains) to allow fresh air to enter your homes. The natural breeze is not only great for cooling down but also for ventilation. 

But when we’re back to our usual weather, and you’re trying to cool down in the sweltering Singapore heat, using a fan might be better than air-conditioners. Additionally, you could consider air-drying your laundry instead of using the dryer! 

Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs and Make Use of Natural Lighting     

Natural lighting Image credit: Mikey Harris - Unsplash 

Most of us have gotten used to hybrid working conditions where our home is also our office, so why not make the most out of it by opting for eco-friendly alternatives for your workspace! While working during the day, select a spot in your home that is free from distraction and has access to natural lighting to set yourself up for productivity. And if you’re using the light, don’t forget to turn them off when it’s not in use.

You may have heard about how incandescent light bulbs are one of the least energy-efficient light bulbs in the market, and you’re right. Switch your lighting to LED bulbs as they tend to have a longer lifespan, and you’ll reap the benefits of saving more money as it consumes about 80% less electricity as compared to incandescent ones. It is also safer for you and the environment as LED bulbs do not contain mercury and reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce reliance on paper towels

Do you find yourself reaching out for paper towels when you’ve spilled your drink or dropped food crumbs all over the floor? Yes, we’re pretty guilty of that too (no judgments here!). However, paper towels might not be the best option if we want to live more sustainably as these can only be used once. While banishing paper towels entirely from our kitchen might be a difficult thing to do, we encourage using fewer of them.

If you’re searching for ways to reduce your paper towel usage, eco-friendly product alternatives are available in the market. One of which is reusable paper towel rolls such as the ones made out of bamboo. These are highly absorbent, durable and you can reuse them multiple times. Word of advice is to dispose of them when they start to discolor or become worn out.

Microfiber cleaning cloth is next on our list and one of our favorites. This lint-free alternative is incredibly absorbent and delicate on surfaces, making it a great cleaning buddy for various household cleaning needs.

On the flip side, you could cut up some of your old and unwanted shirts you’ve been planning to toss out and recycle them as rags. Plus, they’re budget-friendly.

Substitute to Reusable Food Containers and Wraps for Leftovers

Reusable food containerImage credit: Greta Hoffman - Pexels

It’s time to part ways with disposable food containers and cutleries and make way for reusable ones that are for keeps. This is due to the nature of single-use plastic food packaging, which renders them unsuitable to be recycled for future use. Plus, using reusable food storage is also a fantastic way to prevent food waste at home! Some food containers come in various designs and sizes, making them great for storing leftovers, baked goods, fruits and vegetables. 

Another food packaging making waves on the internet is beeswax food wraps. These reusable food wraps are not only eco-friendly, but also, they are non-toxic and plastic-free too. This is an excellent alternative for plastic wraps or cling film if you’re looking to pack food items such as sandwiches and snacks when you’re on the go.

Need a cuppa to amp you up for your daily grind? Be sure to invest in a travel mug. There are tons of adorable designs to choose from which won’t break the bank. If you need another perk to encourage you to make the switch, some food & beverages spots such as Starbucks, Plain Vanilla Bakery and Common Man Coffee Roasters give you a discount when you choose to bring your mug, so it’s a win-win situation!

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to be hyper-aware of our hygiene, we find ourselves buying more cleaning solutions to clean and disinfect every possible surface that comes to mind. But do you know the ingredients in chemical-based cleaning solutions could be harmful to you and the environment?

   SimplyGood Multi-Pack Cleaning TabletsSimplyGood Bathroom Cleaning Tablets

If you’re looking for cleaning products that are green and produced without nasties, such as parabens and ammonia, you might want to add dehydrated cleaning tablets to your cleaning arsenal. Formulated with natural ingredients, SimplyGood’s cleaning tablets are eco-friendly, safe, and effective in cleaning tough dirt and grime from surfaces. Our refillable cleaning system allows consumers to reuse their existing plastic spray bottles while eliminating the need for new ones (hooray for lesser plastic waste!). They are also 300x lighter and 200x smaller than traditional liquid cleaning solutions, which reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Here you go! It isn’t so challenging, is it? We believe that change begins right at home and we encourage you to join us in working towards cultivating a more sustainable future for our planet. 🍃 🌏