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SimplyGood's Efforts towards Sustainable Living

Image Credits: Towfiqu Barbhuiya - Unsplash

The growth of industries and technological development allowed for a vast variety of products and services to be created. However, this meant that most products today utilize plastics in either its packaging or as a component itself. Thus leading to a large amount of plastic waste generated, Plastic waste can cause hygiene issues, and reduce the natural appeal of a place. It is a life threat for animals, toxic to the atmosphere when incinerated, and causes accumulation of rubbish.

In order to reduce plastic waste, products must utilize less or perhaps even no plastic at all. This means that companies need to be more sustainable in their production methods and may even need to change their product offerings. SimplyGood’s products are created to tackle plastic waste. 

Ordinarily, cleaning products come in plastic bottles that are filled with cleaning solutions. When a person or family purchases these, they are constantly purchasing plastic bottles and indirectly wasting water. If a family purchases one cleaning bottle per month, that is twelve plastic bottles bought and thrown after use every year. When we multiply this by the whole of Singapore, nearly 17 million cleaning bottles are sent to landfills annually. 

With SimplyGood cleaning tablets, you no longer have to waste that much plastic. At SimplyGood, cleaning solutions have been transformed into small, light and easy-to-use cleaning tablets. These tablet refills are a more sustainable option than traditional bottles of cleaning solutions. All one has to do is purchase these tablets and reuse their plastic bottles at home to create cleaning solutions. By doing all of this, it has reduced the use of plastic spray bottles and water usage too. 

SimplyGood has revolutionized the sustainability sector by coming up with eco-friendly cleaning products. Our products not only show that companies can indeed be sustainable producers but are able to induce a behavioral change in buyers. While plastic usage is not completely eliminated, it has definitely reduced the number of bottles being wasted every year. SimplyGood’s cleaning tablets require consumers to take an initiative towards the environment This is done as consumers have to use their own empty bottles at home and create cleaning solutions rather than constantly purchasing filled bottles.

Environmental changes can only be achieved if companies and consumers are able to work hand-in-hand. Companies need to be innovative and genuine in order to create sustainable products and consumers can support these initiatives so that there can be improvements in environmental conditions. 

In fact, consumers can go further on their own. Instead of just making cleaning solutions, they can perhaps find easy ways to eliminate plastic usage from their lives. This can be done by replacing plastic bags with reusable bags, bringing your own reusable utensils and so on. By getting consumers directly involved, SimplyGood is able to get them to push themselves even further and be more eco-friendly. 

SimplyGood has taken a step towards helping the environment and is constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations. Join us and start making a difference to our planet.