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About Us

SimplyGood is a home care brand focused on reducing single use plastic & carbon pollution starting from home.

We provide eco-friendly cleaning supplies & refill systems that are effective, non-toxic, and affordable. Our new age cleaning tablets dissolve in water allowing consumers to refill and reuse their existing plastic cleaning bottles. They are also 300x lighter and 200x smaller than traditional liquid cleaning agents hence saving on carbon emissions

- Cleaning up the planet one home, one tablet, one refill at
a time

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Create the future of sustainable living starting
at home.

Our Mission: Provide innovative eco-friendly products to reduce single use plastics and carbon emissions

Our Values & Beliefs

1. People. Planet. Profit

We are a for profit business dedicated to social & environmental issues. When done right, there are no trade-offs between consumer surplus, making an environmental impact and profitability.

2. Consumer centric

We represent the new age consumer.

We want our customers to love their purchase. We will not neglect the quality of service and product that our customers receives.

3. Highest level of Integrity

Transparency and accountability are values we believe in. Building trust with our suppliers and customers are of upmost importance to us.

Our Promise

UN SDG Goal 12: Responsible consumption & production

UN SDG Goal 13: Climate Action

We promise to forward UN SDG Goals 12 & 13 through constant innovation and improving of our products and services.

SimplyGood is more than a Home Care company, we are a company that cares. We are always striving to do better, and we are open to any feedback to help us do better.