At SimplyGood we’re passionate about helping consumers take easy actions at home which have a real and positive impact on the planet.

So we set out to create high quality eco-friendly home cleaning & personal care products which eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles in the home.

Our proprietary dissolvable tablets are 300x lighter and 200x smaller than traditional supermarket liquid cleaners to reduce home carbon footprint.

Our products are made from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients to keep families and pets safe. Our packaging is compostable too.

Tracking Our Impact

We’re committed to forwarding the UN SDG Goals 8, 12 & 13 through constant innovation and improvement of our products and services.

SimplyGood | 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, 13 Climate Action
SimplyGood SG | Saved Single-use Plastic Spray Bottles




SimplyGood SG | Reduced Tonnes of Carbon Emission




It’s a shame that eco doesn’t always mean good for the planet.

This was the thought that our founder, Jeremy Lee, had when walking along the home cleaning aisle of his local supermarket. He saw that many of products in the cleaning aisle used ‘eco’ to refer to their natural ingredients, yet they all used single-use plastic packaging with carbon intensive production and transport practices.

On further investigation, he learned that 460 million single use plastic bottles are used in home cleaning and personal care every year in Asia Pacific. And more than 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon is generated in their production. Passionate about finding a better way, Jeremy set to work to create high-quality, innovative home cleaning & personal care products which consumers could trust to be 100% natural while also eliminating single use plastic bottles and reducing home carbon footprint. In 2021, SimplyGood launched to market.

Jeremy Lee is a leading voice in sustainability and a committed social impact entrepreneur. Prior to SimplyGood, Jeremy co-founded and scaled UglyGood a circular commerce enterprise turning fruit waste into valuable commercial products including animal feed, natural cleaning agents and essential oils. SimplyGood and UglyGood have been awarded the 2020 #OCBCCares Environment Fund; 2019 HSBC-SMU Sustainability Innovation Grant, 2019 HSBC-Lien Centre Change Leaders Fellowship, 2018 Create4good Challenge (By CDL, kwek Leng Joo) - Grand Prize Winner, 2017 DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant and 2017 Startup SG Founder Fund (Enterprise Singapore). UglyGood was also recognised in the Singapore 2019 Parliament Budget Announcement under the Zero Waste Masterplan. Jeremy is a highly sought after sustainability speaker presenting at World Cities Summit 2021: Smart & Sustainable Cities – Innovative Impact, UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2018 Startups and Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneur in Asia 2018.

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