Tracking Our Impact

We’re committed to forwarding the UN SDG Goals 8, 12 & 13 through constant innovation and improvement of our products and services.

UN SDG Goals 8

UN SDG Goals 13

UN SDG Goals 12

"It’s a shame that eco doesn’t always mean good for the planet."

This was the thought that our founder, Jeremy Lee, had when walking along the home cleaning aisle of his local supermarket. He saw that many of products in the cleaning aisle used ‘eco’ to refer to their natural ingredients, yet they all used single-use plastic packaging with carbon intensive production and transport practices.

On further investigation, he learned that 460 million single use plastic bottles are used in home cleaning and personal care every year in Asia Pacific. And more than 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon is generated in their production. Passionate about finding a better way, Jeremy set to work to create high-quality, innovative home cleaning & personal care products which consumers could trust to be 100% natural while also eliminating single use plastic bottles and reducing home carbon footprint. In 2021, SimplyGood launched to market.

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