Tips on reducing plastic usage

Plastic bottle in ocean

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Plastic Free July is a global campaign where people from all over the world come together and combat plastic waste. Let us all learn more about the importance of Plastic Free July and actions that we can take to help combat plastic waste!

Importance of Plastic Free July

Our world today is highly dependent on plastic. Most goods require plastic packaging, and almost everyone carries these goods in plastic bags. It is quite clear that there will be mountains of plastic waste in all corners of the world. The over-accumulation of plastic waste is detrimental to the planet. 

Plastic waste is a threat to wildlife and marine life. Annually, at least 100,000 marine mammals die due to the ingestion of plastic. Alongside this, the accumulation of plastic waste increases the chances of infestation by insects and creates issues of sanitisation and hygiene. Lastly, incineration of plastic waste releases highly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, worsening air pollution and exacerbating global warming.

From the above, we can see that plastic usage is indeed harmful, and one must reduce its use. This Plastic Free July, all of us can start taking small steps to reduce our overall plastic usage. This entire month is about learning how to reduce plastic usage in our daily lives and adapting to sustainable ways of life.

Ways to get involved for Plastic Free July

Now that you know the importance of Plastic Free July, here are some actions that you can take to help combat plastic waste!

1. Bring your own bag

Reusable bag

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Using bags made of recyclable materials can save up to 5 or even 10 plastic bags from being brought back home.

2. Bring your own utensils

When dining outside, bringing your own utensils can reduce usage and perhaps even the production of disposable plastic forks and spoons.

3. Utilise beeswax cloth instead of cling wrap

Cooked food can be stored safely using beeswax cloths without causing environmental issues.

4. Replace Ziploc bags with aluminum foil and reusable containers

Delicious Food in Aluminum Foil

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Storing food in aluminium foil will help to maintain quality as it is a better conductor of heat. Thus, food will always stay germ-free and warm when consumed. Alongside this, plastic boxes can be completely disregarded and the risk of plastic melting into hot food is fully eliminated as well. Consumers could also purchase reusable food containers that are microwave-safe. This durable container can be reused and reheated without the worry of toxins entering our food!

5. Replace plastic bags with compostable bin liners

Many of us dispose of our trash into plastic bags and throw them down the rubbish chute. With compostable bin liners, the same practice can be continued. However, landfills will no longer need to deal with an overflow of plastic

6. Purchase products which reduce plastic waste

Simply reducing plastic usage is not enough to completely eliminate it from everyday life. One must start utilizing products that promote environmentally friendly habits. An example of an innovative company with such products is SimplyGood.

How SimplyGood’s products reduce plastic waste

SimplyGood has revolutionized the cleaning industry by converting 500ml cleaning solutions into light, easy-to-use cleaning tablets. These tablet refills are a more sustainable option than traditional bottles of cleaning solution. The tablets are smaller and lighter than regular cleaning products and can produce 500ml of cleaning solution when dissolved in water. By doing all this, it has reduced the use of plastic spray bottles and water usage too.  

This concept encourages consumers to reuse their current spray bottles multiple times rather than purchasing new ones every time. Doing this decreases the number of plastic bottles purchased and thrown away. This mitigates the constantly growing amount of waste in landfills. 

The above suggestions are just some of the many solutions you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce plastic waste. While Plastic Free July is the month to raise awareness and for us to work together to combat plastic waste, the action of reducing plastics can start any time of the year!

Plastic waste is indeed a severe problem and can only be solved if we all start making changes in our lives. This Plastic Free July, let us all slowly take action for the betterment of our planet.