World Refill Day: Reducing plastic waste

World Refill Day: Reducing Plastic Waste

Image Credit: Erik Mclean- Unsplash

Our world today is one filled with rubbish. 

Many of us have a use-and-throw mindset which is why there are plastic bottles, plastic bags and all sorts of other rubbish everywhere. Plastic waste pollutes both the land and oceans and is a threat to wildlife. Alongside this, rubbish creates issues of hygiene and gives an unappealing appearance to any place. Thus, it is important to find ways to reduce the amount of trash we generate and reverse the above phenomenon.

Today, the 16th of June, is World Refill Day. World Refill Day is all about getting individuals to reduce their plastic usage by either reusing their current plastic products and eventually getting them to switch to reusable products which are non-plastic. The aim of this is to reduce overall plastic usage and hence waste. Doing so can help mitigate negative impacts caused by plastics. 

World Refill Day Infographic

Infographic explaining impacts of plastic waste

Many companies have been going out of their way to eliminate plastic usage completely and one of them is SimplyGood. SimplyGood has revolutionized the cleaning industry by converting 500ml cleaning solutions into light and easy-to-use cleaning tablets. By doing so, it has completely eliminated the use of plastic spray bottles and has reduced water usage too. 

This concept encourages consumers to reuse their current spray bottles they have at home multiple times rather than purchasing new ones every time they run out. By doing this, the amount of plastic bottles purchased and by extension, thrown away decreases. This mitigates the constantly growing amount of waste in landfills. 

A consumer can now purchase SimplyGood’s tablet refills rather than the corresponding amounts of bottles. SimplyGood’s cleaning tablets are 200 times smaller and 300 times lighter than regular cleaning products but are still able to create 500ml of cleaning solution when dissolved in water. Our cleaning tablets are TURI lab certified to be as effective as an on-the-market brand of cleaning solution. This means that it is as good as or even better than regular cleaning products.

For instance, if a household purchases a regular cleaning bottle on a monthly basis, that is 12 bottles wasted annually. Moreover, if 70% of Singaporean households practice this, over 11 million bottles will be wasted every year. However, with SimplyGood, this can be changed. With cleaning tablets, one bottle can be reused multiple times. 

This would reduce the number of bottles used per year by one household to one and the whole of Singapore to under one million. Eventually, consumers can also purchase SimplyGood’s glass bottles to further cut down on plastic usage. Over ten million plastic bottles will be saved just by making one easy switch to SimplyGood

Alongside this, SimplyGood ensures that all of its products are plastic-free. This applies to both the product itself and its packaging. Thus, this proves that being an environmentally friendly cleaner and an efficient one are not mutually exclusive scenarios.

Plastic waste is something that is truly catastrophic for our planet. By making one small change, this can be changed. Thus, this World Refill Day, do join SimplyGood and start from home. One step at a time.