How SimplyGood came about

How SimplyGood came about

SimplyGood focuses on sustainability and is constantly pushing for eco-friendly practices. It has revolutionized the cleaning industry with its simple and effective cleaning tablets. 

However, have you ever wondered how SimplyGood came into existence?

It all started when our founder, Jeremy Lee, noticed how unsustainable traditional cleaning products are. Assuming that most households purchase at least one bottle of cleaning solution monthly, which makes up a total of 12 bottles annually. If this figure is multiplied by all the families in Singapore, it comes up to approximately 16.4 million plastic bottles thrown away each year. 

Plastic waste is extremely detrimental to wildlife, releases toxic gasses when incinerated, and reduces the overall appeal of various locations. Alongside this, transporting cleaning solutions utilizes a heavy volume of water and other natural resources, resulting in even more waste.

Hence, this made him think about how plastic and water wastage can be reduced when cleaning our homes. After multiple rounds of planning and testing, Jeremy was able to convert these solutions into small and easy-to-use tablets. The tablets are smaller and lighter than regular cleaning products and can produce 500ml of cleaning solution when dissolved in water.

While it requires more action on the users’ end, these tablet refills are a more sustainable option than traditional bottles of cleaning solution. Doing all this has reduced the use of plastic spray bottles and has reduced water usage too.  

This concept encourages consumers to reuse their current spray bottles multiple times rather than purchasing new ones every time. Doing this decreases the amount of plastic bottles purchased and thrown away. This eases the constantly growing amount of waste in landfills. Furthermore, our cleaning tablets are made from carefully selected plant-based ingredients that can keep homes both clean and chemical-free simultaneously.

With the sustainability movement proliferating rapidly, an increasing number of consumers are opting for more eco-friendly practices and tend to support companies that practice corporate social responsibility. Thus, SimplyGood remains very relevant as it does not compromise on quality and is environmentally conscious.

We encourage consumers to consider using these tablet refills as it would be beneficial to our planet. If every person just makes one small change and puts in a bit more effort to be green, the combined impact in Singapore would be magnanimous.