Sustainable activities for families to do together!

Making a terrarium

Image credit: Cottonbro - Pexels

Living in a world where global warming is imminent, it is important that we play our part and nurture future generations to lead a sustainable friendly lifestyle. Children form habits at a very young age. Thus, it is much easier for them to learn and establish a sustainable way of life. 

For the upcoming September Holidays, SimplyGood has created a fun list of activities for parents and children to do together! Not only is this an excellent way to start establishing sustainable practices but is also an enjoyable bonding and educational activity for all families.

Here are five activities that families can do together!

1. Designing your own tote bags

When we make purchases outside, we often end up bringing back many plastic bags. Plastic waste is detrimental to the environment as it causes land pollution, danger to wildlife,  hygiene issues and is toxic when incinerated. 

Thus, by bringing your own bags made of recyclable materials, the above problem can be mitigated. Getting your children to design and color your bags with you can be even more enjoyable. Your reusable bags will become more attractive and can also be utilized by your children. Thus, this will allow an entire family to reduce or even eliminate the number of plastic bags used. 

2. Learn Science and clean together

SimplyGood sells refillable cleaning tablets which can produce up to 500ml of cleaning solution when dissolved in water. 

The action of dissolving can be used to teach children about the process of diffusion and how particles move about and interact with each other and water molecules to form cleaning solutions. After doing so, the entire family can utilise this solution to clean the house. This further promotes bonding between family members as they spend more time together.

3. Grow a plant

Plants help to regulate the carbon cycle through photosynthesis. Hence, having more plants would allow for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and help to mitigate the effects of global warming. 

For instance, if every family in Singapore has at least one potted plant, that is a total of over 1 million plants. The combined impact of these plants would be very beneficial for the environment. 

Thus, families together can learn how to create and take care of their own potted plants. This would be something very enjoyable for them and is a practice that can be passed down to different generations.

4. Play educational board games

In this era of technology, where all of us tend to be consumed by our mobile devices, it would definitely be a fresh perspective to have families play board games with each other. 

Board games can be used both for bonding purposes and for educating children about what is happening on our planet. One example of such a game is the Monopoly National Park edition.

Monopoly itself is a very popular game, and the park edition shows images of trees, logs and others. These images can spark curiosity in children’s minds and get them thinking. This would definitely be an enriching and enjoyable experience for both children and parents.

5. Make your own terrariums

There is no better way to learn than by doing hands-on activities! Terrariums are beautiful miniature gardens which can be used to teach children about plants and how to take care of them.

Parents and children can perhaps take some time out to purchase soil, seeds and a glass bowl and construct their own garden together. These gardens can be of any design and are also a fun way to invoke creativity. Most importantly, these are wonderful memories to make as a family. Those terrariums can be maintained and preserved for a long time as a symbol of those memorable times. 

Take this September holiday to bond with your kids while guiding them on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Join SimplyGood and take a step towards helping the environment!