There’s just so much wastage! Don’t you wish your items don’t come in plastic? Or if they do, don’t you wish the companies don’t offer refills in plastic? 😕

The importance of eco-friendliness and sustainability must be taught young, and it is as important as teaching children how to do housework! Buttt baby Vera needs no urging. She was keen on the mop when she was 8 months old 😅 and now she’s my little helper at home. Basically, everything I do, she wants a piece of it!

Natural, safe (child-safe) & non-toxic, plant-based ingredients from @bysimplygood are perfect, just in case she gets too curious and experimental. ☺️

Love that @bysimplygood cleaning tablets are more affordable on a per unit basis and it's known to be "300x lighter, 200x smaller", perfect for my cosy home as it reduces storage space for cleaning products.

It is a bonus to know that they are big on being eco-friendly as there are no plastic bottles! Refills are in tablet form 😍 Simply good right?

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