Do you know that 90% of the household cleaning spray is in liquid form, and we pay to transport them in plastic bottles? In Singapore, 467 million plastic bottles are being thrown away each year.

Now with @bysimplygood dissolvable cleaning tablets, we can help to make a difference by eliminating single-use plastic bottles and reducing carbon footprint at home. These cleaning tablets are gentle and safe while ensuring child-safe, non- toxic results. It’s made from 100% plant-based ingredients. It is also effectively removed dirt, grease and stubborn stains.

Before and after images using SimplyGood's Bathroom Cleaning Tablets

Featuring the SimplyGood Bathroom Cleaning Tablets, it’s a small yet mighty cleaner, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean. They are 300x lighter, 200x smaller so it can be stored away easily without any frills. The greatest takeaway is the affordability, with just 1 refill at only $4.99!

Do check out @bysimplygood on Instagram for more of their other eco-friendly products too.

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