Why Sustainable Corporate Gifting

Why Sustainable Corporate Gifting

Green is the new Black when it comes to Sustainable Corporate gifting.

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, organisational leaders across the world are pondering what to get their clients, employees and suppliers. With limitless options and an array of gifts to choose from, organisations nowadays are not only focused on the gift itself but also on the impact it has on the environment.

In fact, in a November 2021 study conducted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 75% growth in the number of companies that have said that sustainability is more important than brand name and the vast majority are willing to pay more money for sustainable products.

With this in mind, here’s how to make sure you have a “Green Holiday Season” and not a “Carbon Holiday Season.”

Sustainable gifts are those which are:

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients and
  • Use upcycled or recycled materials in product design and packaging. 

The best sustainable gifts also minimise waste and offset the carbon created in production and transport.

What if we tell you that you that SimplyGood Corporate Gift boxes meet all these needs? Here are 3 ways our corporate gifts can help you this green holiday season. 

Create great business relationships

Creative corporate gift ideas can help you build great business relationships with new clients and forge long-lasting ones. However, when tied in with sustainability, they become an innovative and unique way to make a lasting impression while caring for the environment. By choosing sustainable gifting, you are showing your clients the values you and your organisation uphold.

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A breath of fresh air for the environment and for your organisation

Sustainable gifts encourage your clients and employees to reduce waste and adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. They can also help you establish your organisation's value statement while reducing its carbon footprint. This elevates your corporate gifting experience to be more sophisticated, personalised and unique for both the sender and receiver.

Aside from the visual element, olfactory senses are used as well. Each of our starter kits embodies a natural element and scent that is soothing and calming. Our solution contains special eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe ingredients, suitable for sensitive skins while delivering quality and affordability in a kit. Some of our scents include Lemon Guava for the Multi-purpose starter kit, Mandarin Orange for the Bathroom starter kit and Fresh Mint for the Window & Glass starter kit.

Happy employees = Greater engagement levels

Corporate gifting isn't just for your clients. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Ensuring employee satisfaction, increases tenure, benefits the organisation culture and the bottom line. As the saying goes, "happy employees equal happy customers".

An employee gift is a great way to show care for employees. A good gift can be a pleasant surprise, but a sustainable gift speaks volumes. It shows employees that leaders care about organisational culture and take company values seriously. It also shows that the organisation cares about its impact on the planet.


"Simple is good" - start gifting with us today.

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