What makes SimplyGood’s products great gifts?

What makes SimplyGood’s products great gifts?

Sleighing (Slaying) to a cleaner and greener Christmas this year!

It’s the best time of the year! Finding a good gift is a tedious process. Here with SimplyGood, we make it simple and convenient for you. Impress your boss, colleagues, and clients with your thoughtful and unique gift while being an eco-friendly hero!

Want to be the next Marie Kondo but need help figuring out how and where to start?

We have you covered with our Starter Kits comprising of our multi-purpose cleaning tablet, bathroom cleaning tablets, and window and glass tablets that you will need to prepare your home for Christmas and the Lunar New Year! Each of our solutions contains special eco-friendly and safe ingredients for every corner of your house, delivering quality and affordability the whole year in an envelope. Our love of sharing the joy of cleaning doesn’t stop here. We also take care of your personal hygiene with our hand soap tablets, keeping your loved ones healthy and happy during this winter holiday and spring season.

Not once, not twice, but all year round!

Refill, Reduce and Recycle with the cleanest cleaner. Our bottles should last you the same duration as your current traditional cleaning solutions. While this depends on how frequently you clean, the size of your home and your family, from our experience, our cleaners should last you between 3-6 months. As for our unopened sachets, the shelf life can stay for as long as two years, which is perfect for stocking up these essential items now!

With cleaning solutions, a good cleaning cloth is needed. Find your perfect match of cleaning supplies all in one place at SimplyGood. In the meantime, try our eco-cleaning cloth without worrying about scratching your surfaces and countertops, making cleaning surfaces after a messy dinner party fuss-free and easy. Discover the joy of cleaning in three steps (reuse the bottle, dissolve the tablet, and clean effectively) - simply good and fun!

Travelling back home this Christmas?

With the pandemic still on the trail, it is important for us to take care of our health and sanitising has become more important than ever. Add it with a little bit of spice with our travel pocket food grade sanitiser, which doubles up not only as a hand sanitiser but also for you to clean your utensils. Double the fun, double the protection! SimplyGood tablets are compact and come in the form of a solid powder, making them great for travel and as a gift for family, friends, or colleagues while reducing your carbon footprint.

As a local startup, we are also dedicated to advancing the UNSDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and 13 (Climate Action) through continuous innovation and improvement of our products and services, as well as spreading the vital message of sustainability.

A chance for a promotion!

Impress your boss with a sustainable and thoughtful gift while promoting eco-friendly values in your company. SimplyGood uses 100% plant-based natural ingredients and has scientifically proven performance, keeping your family and pet safe. For the bosses, engage in sustainable leadership, be the source of influence and bring your organisation to greater heights.

Today, we have saved more than 28,158 single-used plastic spray bottles and reduced 844.74 tonnes of carbon emissions. Stay tuned and find out how many plastic bottles you saved when checking out your cart with us!

Join us on this journey of saving planet earth and strengthening this ecosystem that supports all lives, including you and me.

SimplyGood makes great corporate gifts.

Drop an email to ram@simplygood.sg for more enquiries!