How-to: SimplyGood's subscription plan

SimplyGood's Subscription Plan

At SimplyGood, we're helping consumers take easy actions at home which have a real and positive impact on the planet. Our dissolvable, 100% plant-based home cleaning and personal care tablets help eliminate single-use plastic in the home and reduce home carbon footprint. We've taken it a step further to ensure you'll never run out of cleaning supplies with our new subscription plan!

How does your subscription plan work?

Our subscription plan is designed to make it ultra-easy for you to restock your favourite SimplyGood items without the need to make a new purchase each time. Here's how you can get started!  

Select 1: Select the item of your choice

Begin by browsing through our collection of eco-friendly home and personal care products and select the one that best suits your needs.

Select 2: Subscribe & Save

Once you're on the product page, you'll see the 'Subscribe & save 15%' option. Click on that, select the quantity of product you'll need, and add it to your cart. Selecting this option enables you to receive our products monthly at 15% off their original price!* Proceed to checkout and make your payment to complete your order. It's that easy!

Why should I purchase on a subscription basis?

Still contemplating whether to purchase on subscription? We've got you! Here are some perks you'll enjoy by opting for our subscription plan!

Mange your subscription effortlessly

Restock the items you love effortlessly. Our subscription frequency is set to automate every month, so you won't need to go through the hassle of making a new purchase each time you need to replenish your supplies.

Furthermore, we've taken the guesswork out for you as this is based on the usage frequency of cleaning products. You won't have to worry about missing a payment or forgetting about a shipment, as we'll keep you informed every step of the way with email notifications! You'll receive an email reminder from us three days before your next payment and a confirmation email once the payment has been processed. You'll also be the first to know when your subscription items are out of stock, but rest assured we will ship your order as soon as your item has been restocked! 

Want to modify your subscription? We've created our subscription service to be flexible, and all you'll need to do is fire an email to our team informing us about your request at However, for modifications such as increasing the number of items or adding a new product, we would recommend that you drop us an email before the next shipment date so that we can accommodate your request. Modifications done after the shipment date will only be reflected in the following month.

Save more in the long-run

Since cleaning is a staple of every household, price is an essential factor to consider. Not only are we offering you the convenience of getting your favorite items delivered to your doorstep, but you'll save 15% more as compared to making a one-off purchase. Imagine, you'll be able to save over $50 in a year for a monthly subscription of 6 cleaning tablets! Who doesn't enjoy savings? We sure love a cost-effective option!

Don’t forget to check out some of our customers' frequently asked questions before getting started!

Can I skip a shipment or bring forward a shipment?

Sure! If you're absolutely certain that you won't need a new set of products for this month, you can change your upcoming shipment date by dropping us an email. Alternatively, you can manage your subscription preferences on Head over to view your 'Account Details' on your profile page and click on 'Manage Subscriptions'. You'll then see the 'Subscriptions' tab, which will show your active subscriptions. Proceed to click on the selected item and you can either select 'Skip This Order' or manually edit your next order date. Also, don't forget to do this prior to the slated shipment date!

Can I change my choice of product?

Swap, add, or remove; we can do it all! Drop us an email if you want to change your product choice on a subscription order, and our friendly support team will assist you further!

Can I purchase multiple products on a subscription?

Yes, you can! There's no limitation on how many items you can purchase on a subscription. We believe that using product refills is an excellent way to reduce your single-use plastic waste at home consistently. If you'd like to purchase more than one variant of our products, you can add the product of choice on the subscription page. And if you'd prefer to have all of your items delivered simultaneously, you can edit the next shipment date on the subscription page.

Get what you need when you want it with SimplyGood's subscription plan! Now, making better choices for your family and planet has never been easier. Click here to get started. For more information about our subscription service, check out our FAQ page!

*Bundle offers and promotion codes cannot be stacked or combined with subscription orders unless otherwise stated.