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Spring Cleaning Bundle + FREE GIFT

Spring Cleaning Bundle + FREE GIFT

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Spring Cleaning Bundle + FREE GIFT!

The perfect bundle this CNY to kickstart your safe, that consists of a good mix of SimplyGood's All-Natural and Eco Products. What's included?

Cleaning Tablets: 3 x 500ml Spray Bottle, 1 x 250ml Hand Soap Pump Bottle, 3 x Multi Purpose Tablet Refills, 3 x Bathroom Tablet Refills, 3 x Window & Glass Tablet Refills, 3 x Hand Soap Tablet Refills
Food Grade Sanitizer: 1 x 1L Food Grade Sanitizer
Eco Cleaning Cloth: Eco Cleaning Cloth (Set of 3)
Free Gift: 1 x 500ml Food Grade Sanitizer

SimplyGood's Cleaning Tablets

Affordable. Space-Saving. All-Natural. Eco-Friendly. All the cleaning and personal care products that you need to keep your home clean, and safe. Check out our 4 tablet refill variants - Multi Purpose (Lemon), Bathroom (Mandarin Orange), Window & Glass (Fresh Mint), and Hand Soap (French Lavender)

One Bottle Forever. Refills for Life.

Get started in just 3 simple steps - Fill, Drop, Clean.

Streak-Free Experience on All Surfaces.

Great for use on countertops, stoves, granite, wood, laminated floorings, sinks, bathrooms, glass and even hard water spots on the refrigerator. Leaves behind no residue or streaks on glass and mirrors.

Eliminate Tough Stains and Grease Effortlessly.

Our cleaner is scientifically proven to be just as effective as chemical cleaners for both general dusting and spot cleaning. It breaks up dirt, grime, grease and oil quickly and completely.

Smells Fresh & Clean. Zero Chemical Scent.

Say goodbye to strong chemical scent when you're cleaning. SimplyGood's tablets leave behind a pleasant, fresh, and subtle scent. Check out the scent for each variant:

Safe & Non-Toxic. Expectant Mums, Kids & Pet safe.

Clean your home with a peace of mind with our antibacterial cleaning solution. Made with no harsh chemicals and 100% all-natural ingredients. Our formulation that does not trigger eczema, headaches, or any forms of discomfort.

Save Money. Save Space. Save Plastic Wastes.

Save Money: Safe and all-natural solutions does not have to be expensive with SimplyGood, save up to 66% of what all-natural alternatives solutions costs.

Save Space: No more clutter, and no more messes. Save up to 12x more space with SimplyGood's tablet refills, that are 300x lighter, and 200x smaller tablets.

Save Planet: Eliminate single-use plastics with our tablet refills solutions. Save up to 40 plastic bottles per year with SimplyGood's refills.

5 Star Reviews - Loved, and Used by Many

What Makes SimplyGood's Cleaners Different.

SimplyGood's Food Grade Sanitizer

Safe & Non-Toxic, and Kills 99.9% of Germs and Viruses. Shop SimplyGood's Food Grade Sanitizers, the one and only multi surface sanitizers to sanitize your hands, food contact surfaces (utensils, kitchen area), fruits & vegetables, and general surfaces. Made with 70% Ethyl alcohol, that is both safe, and effective.

Instructions for Use.

Ready to use on vegetables, fruits, utensils, cooking ware, dining areas and non-food contact surfaces. Safe to be used as rinse-free hand sanitizer.

Safe, and Effective Ingredients.

70% Ethyl Alcohol (Wheat derived), Filtered Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin (Coconut oil derived). Our products are regulated, certified, and produced in a local food safe compliance facility.

What Makes SimplyGood's Food Grade Sanitizer Different.

SimplyGood's Eco Cleaning Cloth

Eco Friendly, Absorbent, and Effective. SimplyGood's Eco Cleaning Cloth is a reusable paper towel that's good for your home, and our planet. It is not only reusable, but 100% industrially compostable too. It's ultra absorbent, durable and perfect for cleaning any surface stains and spills. It's the perfect kitchen towel replacement.

Save the Earth with SimplyGood's Eco Cloth.

Made with all-natural materials, fully compostable, and save up to 30 rolls of paper towels with SimplyGood's Eco Cloth.

Here's How to Get Started.

What Makes SimplyGood's Eco Cleaning Cloth Different.

It looks like a cloth. It's just like a cloth. But what makes SimplyGood's Eco Cleaning Cloth different from any cleaning cloth you have at home?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee + 1 Year Bottle Warranty

Every purchase comes with a 30-Day no questions asked Money-Back Guarantee. We ship a durable, reusable bottle that sprays evenly. If you have any issues with your bottle, please contact us at with your order number to process the replacement.


What does each bundle contain?

Each bundle consists of:

  • Multi Purpose Cleaning Bottle + 3x/10x Refills
  • Bathroom Cleaning Bottle + 3x/10x Refills
  • 10x Window & Glass Cleaning Bottle + 2x/10x Refills
  • Hand Soap Bottle + 3x/10x Refills.
  • 3x/6x Eco Cleaning Cloth Eco Cleaning Cloth are reusable, 100% compostable, absorbent and durable.

How many ml can each cleaning table give?

Each packet of cleaning tablet creates 500ml of cleaning solution, and each hand soap tablet creates 250ml of hand soap foaming solution. With our tablet refills, all you need is one bottle forever.

What does each tablet do?

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablet (Scent: Lemon Guava):

Cut through grease, spills, and sticky messes easily with our hardworking, all-purpose cleaner. Application Areas: Counter, tile, stone, wood, stove, basically any surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaning Tablet (Scent: Mandarin Orange):

Soap scum and toothpaste grime are no match for our non-toxic and mighty cleaning tablets. Application Areas: Tub, tile, sink, porcelain.

Window & Glass Cleaning Tablet (Scent: Fresh Mint):

Watch as fingerprints and dust disappear from your windows and mirrors without a streak. Application Areas: Glass, Mirror, Windows.

Foaming Hand Soap Tablet (Scent: Eucalyptus & Mint):

Transforms into a foamy lather and washes away dirt and grime.