50ml Food Grade Sanitizer Spray (Set of 3)

Product Overview

SimplyGood's Food Safe Sanitizer Refill kills 99.9% of bacteria, and viruses - disinfect and sanitize with a peace of mind. Our SimplyGood Food Safe sanitizers are perfect for use on all food contact surfaces (ie. utensils, cookware, dining areas) and for sanitizing hands before handling food. Our ingredients are naturally derived from 100% plant based ingredients. All products produced in a local food-safe compliant facilities, that are regulated and certified.

✔ Food-safe sanitation (safe for food contact surfaces)
✔ 70% Ethyl alcohol that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
✔ Made and Formulated in Singapore
✔ Versatile usage - Perfect for use on hands, surfaces, and everyday objects
✔ No sulphates, chlorines EDTA and parabens added
✔ Skin-friendly (pH7)
✔ No dilution required, ready to use on arrival

Consists of 3 x 50ml Food Safe Sanitizer Spray


SimplyGood Food Grade Sanitizers are produced at a food-grade facility. Our ingredients are all naturally derived from organic wheat.

Ingredients in our Food Grade Sanitizers: 70% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, deionized water, Isopropyl alcohol.

What's Included

✅ 3 x 50ml Food Grade Sanitizer Spray

Highly Effective

Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. Disinfect on multiple surfaces

Food Grade Certified

Our sanitizers are made in a Food Grade Certified Facility

Safe & Non-Toxic

pH7 formulation, made with natural ingredients


Questions and Answers

Does SimplyGood's Food Grade Sanitizers have dual function?

Definitely! Our Food-Grade Sanitizers are liquid and it can be easily sprayed on skin surfaces (like your hands) and general contact surfaces (including food contact surfaces). Thus, SimplyGood’s Food-Grade Sanitizer can be used as both a hand sanitizer and a typical disinfectant, to disinfect different surfaces in your home.

What can I use SimplyGood's Food Grade Sanitizers on?

You can use SimplyGood’s Food-Grade Sanitizers on hands or surfaces. Unlike the normal sanitisers out there, our food grade sanitisers can be used to sanitise food contact surfaces like your utensils, dining table and cutting board. This is due to the different ingredients used.

You can also use our sanitizers to sanitize most surfaces like marbles, toys, toilet bowls, sinks, and etc. If you are unsure, you can spray a small quantity of our sanitizers on the surface, and clean it to ensure that it is suitable for the surface that you would like to spray on.

Our Food-Grade Sanitisers may help to remove stains from certain fabric. However it is also a strong solvent. Thus it is best to avoid delicate synthetic materials like wool and silk. Do also note that it should not be used on leather and lacquer surfaces.

Why are some brands selling Food Grade/Safe Sanitizers at a cheaper price?

It is pertinent for consumers to be careful and awareful of the content/ ingredients within sanitizers as they are meant to be applied on our skins. Although we are aware that there are other brands selling Ethyl Alcohol at 70% concentration, these might not be of the same quality as the ingredients used in SimplyGood's sanitizers. One main differentiator is that the Ethyl Alcohol used in SimplyGood’s sanitizers is naturally derived from organic wheat, and has gone through many stringent food handling procedures and standards. 

Is it safe to use SimplyGood's Food Grade Sanitizers near kitchen stove or counter tops?

For areas near the stove, we would advise that you wipe off the solution 30 seconds after you have applied the solution. This is because our solution has a high alcohol percentage. Therefore, when coming into contact with the flames from the stove, certain issues might arise.