We don’t always see smiling faces when it's time to clean up 🧼, but today was a good day for teamwork with @bysimplygood!! 🤩 Kylie was contributing to household chores!! 😂🤣 #whatabigdeal

SimplyGood's Bathroom Cleaning Tablets

We’ve started to switch to eco-friendly products, and @bysimplygood Bathroom Cleaning Tablets are one of it! It is really affordable (only $4.99 per sachet) that is 300x lighter and 200x smaller. Simply drop 1-2 tablets into the water, and voilà cleaning solution is ready!🧹🧽

I love that there’s zero plastic in sight. Their products have plant-based 🌱 ingredients, non-toxic, and definitely safe for children! Are there any low waste cleaning practice that you’ve made the switch to already?

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