Measures have eased & we are all back to dining in, but good hygiene is here to stay 🤩 Did you know @bysimplygood has food grade sanitizers meant for your cutlery? I'm a true germophobe and have the habit of wiping my kids cutlery with plain tissues. Ever since I discovered the Simply Good Food Grade Sanitizer, I've switched to using it instead & it has been an absolute essential in my bag! 💯

SimplyGood's Food-Grade Sanitizers

As we start to plan activities with our family and loved ones, rem to practise good hygiene at all times to keep germs at bay. As a mom, my kids health & safety are the most impt things in my life 👧🏻🍽 When we dine out, I will always use these sanitizers to do a surface sanitization to ensure it is safe for them to touch and to enjoy their meals safely!

It is specially formulated to sanitize and kill 99.99% of viruses & bacteria 🦠 What’s more? It is baby-safe, and non-toxic for skin; which you could easily use it to sanitize any surfaces such as utensils and food preparation areas! 👍🏻

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