Staying clean and sanitized is very important for me, especially when it comes to my son; that's why I always bring @bysimplygood food-grade sanitizer wherever we go. It has become a habit to spray James' and my hands with this food-grade and non-toxic sanitizer. I love the fact that it is safe for babies and kids due to the natural and plant-based ingredients. It gives me peace of mind after spraying this, as I know it effectively kills germs and viruses.

SimplyGood's Food-Grade Sanitizers

The small bottle is very convenient to bring in my bag or James' diaper bag. It's so useful for both child and mother to sanitizer before or after eating and touching food.

The refills come in aluminium packaging too (1litre & 5litre), selling at $27 and $95 respectively! Eco-friendly and affordable👍🏻

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