Simply good for my family and the planet! 😁

@bysimplygood 100% plant-based home cleaning tablets help eliminate single-use plastic in the home and reduce home carbon footprint 👣

SimplyGood's Bathroom Cleaning Tablets

Bathroom Cleaning Tablets 🚻

✅ Cleans tub, tile, sink, porcelain surfaces

This is more affordable on a per unit basis, it's known to be 300x lighter, 200x smaller ➡️ 1 refill costs only $4.99 = cleaning tablets

Natural, safe (child-safe) & non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.

Eco-friendly, no plastic bottles, low carbon footprint for delivery (due to its light weight) 👍

Cleaner sink with SimplyGood's Bathroom Cleaning Tablets

Visit their website for more!

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