As a household mom, I really love @bysimplygood Bathroom Cleaning Tablets as I have been trying to find a product that helps to cleans mold and tartar stains easily from toilet and the wall! Best of all, their cleaning tablets are all natural and free of toxics for Emika. It is safe around kids and even my cat, muffin!

SimplyGood Multi-Pack Cleaning Tablets

They focus a lot on sustainability as each tablet is derived from corn and coconut. Also, no plastic bottles is needed thereby eliminating single-use plastic in home as it all comes in tablet form. Each refill creates 500ml of cleaning solution to clean your bathroom! It is really cost-efficient as it is known to be 300x lighter, 200x smaller saving a lot of storage space! I can also reuse the spray bottles I have at home. By the way, 1 refill $4.99 = cleaning tablets.

They have also offer other range of tablets such as all purpose cleaning tablets for cleaning kitchen's grease and spills, mirror cleaning tablets for the fingerprints and You can check their IG for more info or purchase their tablets on their website!

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