Our children won’t become responsible unless they have responsibility. & like everything else, that starts in the 🏡. Especially when u have 2 young toddlers & a 👶🏻, it’s impt to choose products that do not contain hazardous chemicals & likely to pose fewer health risks.

Have u guys heard about @bysimplygood cleaning tablets? 🤔 it is made from naturally derived & biodegradable plant-based ingredients (🌽 & 🥥). No Ammonia, Chlorine, EDTA & Parabens added. Hence safe to be around kids, pets, & 🤰🏻. Their products use eco-friendly packaging & recyclable plastic lining. ""300x lighter, 200x smaller"" (Reduces carbon footprint)

Cleaning glass door with SimplyGood's Window & Glass Cleaning Tablets

FYI, it comes in a set of 3, 6 & 9. Cost efficient & more affordable on a per unit basis! 🤑✌🏻 1 satchet creates 500ml of magic non-toxic cleaning solution! Sounds amazing isn’t it? 😱

3 simple steps application on Glass, 🪞& 🪟!

  1. Fill the bottle with 500ml of water

  2. Drop 1-2 tablets into the water & let it fizz

  3. Attach the nozzle & start cleaning away

Look at how well it removes the irritating fingerprints & dust on my glass door. How effective! 🤩👍🏻 Other tablet sachets available too for bathroom & multipurpose use! Join me in helping our environment to go clean & green now! ♻️

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