🌎 If I can reduce, reuse & recycle, I will! Traditional cleaning agents can be wasteful when you finished the bottle, u throw. However, with @bysimplygood All Purpose Cleaning tablets, u can reuse the bottle once your solution is used up. Simply refill the bottle with water & drop in the tablets to dissolve :) It’s more eco friendly too ♻️⁣

It can clean grease, spills, and sticky messes on hard surfaces.

It’s cost-efficient & more affordable on a per unit basis. Naturally made and also child-safe, so Ian can to help me clean the table after eating 👍🏻⁣

@bysimplygood main purpose is to help eliminate single-use plastic in the home & reduce home carbon footprint. Made better for you, your family & for the planet 😃⁣

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