Step-up your sustainability with 10 easy swaps

Step-up your sustainability with 10 easy swaps


Reusable Food Containers

Plastic ziplock bags, the ones we store our snacks and take our lunches result in a huge amount of plastic waste every year. Instead, change to reusable food storage containers which are chicer, more economical and planet friendly - we LOVE these from Wakatobi

Keep Cups

Every year 90% of our disposable coffee cups will end up in a landfill, which equates to around 60,000kg of plastic per annum. This is because there is usually a plastic lining to the paper cups and therefore can’t be recycled. BYO cup to your local coffee shop next time you need a caffeine fix on the go.

Not Gladwap, GREAT WRAP

We are a little bit obsessed with this Australian-based company called Great Wrap. It’s a stretch food wrap that is made from potato waste, and by bio-designers, scientists and engineers. Great Wrap is home compostable, breaks down an in 180 days, leaves NO micro-plastics and the packaging is beyond cool.

Silicon Shower Accessories


Unlike most other household materials, Silicon is antibacterial, resistant to mould, odour free, and durable. This makes it perfect for the bathroom, plus you’ll never have to wonder again, “why is my plastic shower puff turning black from the inside?!” You can shop some of our favourites via another Aussie brand, Tooletries

Say NO to bottled water

Why carry around a disposable water bottle, that you have to buy every day on your way to the gym, home, work or school? Go for an at-home water delivery service where you can fill up your sustainable water bottle daily.

Reusable Kitchen Cloths


Paper towels are convenient, but they ato deforestation and the chemical pollution of freshwater; because they can’t be recycled, they end up in a landfill. A single reusable cleaning cloth can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels, like these right here

 Reduce your shower time

The average shower uses 12 litres of water a minute, that’s 120 litres for a ten-minute shower. Cutting this in half means you’ll help save yourself some pennies, reduce your electricity and water usage and be more efficient.


Bring Your Own Bags. This is more an honourable mention than anything, as in Australia plastic bags are banned in all states and territories and we don’t know about you, but we’d rather be caught dead than with a single-use plastic bag.

 Sustainable Cleaning Products


To start, many surfactants used in conventional products biodegrade slowly or biodegrade into more toxic, persistent, and bio-accumulative chemicals, threatening aquatic life, they can be toxic to ourselves, families and pets, plus their carbon footprint is huge. Simply Good creates 100% naturally plant-based cleaning products that are safe for you and your family and our dissolvable tablets are 300x lighter and 200x smaller than traditional supermarket liquid cleaners to reduce your home carbon footprint

Where you shop is important 


Believe it or not but you guys have all the power, where there is demand business will supply. So be careful about the brands you choose to invest your money in and do your research. Where are clothes manufactured, what are the company policies, what materials do they use to manufacture their products – IT ALL MATERS. As consumers, you truly have the chance to put your money where your mouth is