SimplyGood at Home with The Donoghue's

SimplyGood at Home with The Donoghue's

 This month we went inside the beautiful home of the Donoghues, living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Avalon to chat with busy mom-of-two boys Carly and see how and why she uses SimplyGood products.

Why is living a sustainable life important to you?

My husband and I both grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and now we are raising our boys Beau (4 years) and Joey (5 weeks) here too. We think of ourselves as so lucky to be able to live here where there are pristine beaches and a beautiful environment, we realise if we want our home to remain the way it always has been, then we must take steps to protect it.

Why did you choose to start your sustainability journey with SimplyGood?

I discovered the brand through a friend of mine. There were a few things that drew me to it right off the bat, I loved the packaging first of all (laughs) but more than that the idea of reducing our single-use plastics and the waste created by them. Once I researched the brand more online, I realized they are safe for us, my kids, and our dogs. Oh, and as a busy new mom, the subscription service is my favourite part because It's one less thing to think about!

Favorite SimplyGood product and why?

Hands down, it’s the glass and window cleaner! Our house is full of big windows throughout to let in the natural light and also large mirrors to help reflect the light and amplify the space. Thanks to our four-year-old, cleaning them is a daily occurrence.

What is the most important part of your sustainability journey? My husband and I were never taught growing up how bad single-use plastics are, we don't want our children's generation to make those same mistakes. It’s important to us that we teach our kids to be more in tune with our planet and nature while showing them how to live sustainably from the start of their lives, which they will then pass on to their children. For us, that is the hope our planet needs.