Internship Experience | Marketing & Operations

Internship Experience | Marketing & Operations

Hello everyone, I'm Jas, a final year student at Singapore Management University majoring in Operations and Marketing. Over the past seven years, I've taken on several internships, and one that stands out is my experience at SimplyGood. Working at start-ups has always intrigued me due to the hands-on learning experience and the constant stream of challenges, which have significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

 At SimplyGood, I had the unique opportunity to take on the role of an Operations and Marketing Intern, handling both functions simultaneously. This was a new and exciting challenge, especially considering that Operations and Marketing often have differing viewpoints. Nonetheless, I found it intriguing to understand both aspects and find middle ground solutions to any issues that arose.


In the Operations role, I often faced daily challenges that required quick thinking and decisive action, also known as "firefighting." This skill was crucial in ensuring that SimplyGood's daily operations ran smoothly without any disruptions. Additionally, I honed my soft skills in people management by effectively communicating and coordinating with our warehouse staff. On the technical side, I developed hard skills such as cost simulations using tools like Excel and Google Sheets. Time management was also essential, as I needed to handle tasks on tight timelines.


In the Marketing aspect, I was introduced to e-commerce marketplaces, providing me with a fresh perspective on this evolving industry. Utilizing data analytics, I closely monitored the performance of our e-commerce platforms and marketing campaigns, allowing us to make data-driven decisions. As my internship progressed, I had the fulfilling experience of managing SimplyGood's Instagram account, witnessing how each post engaged our followers and attracted new audiences. 

Greenhouse 2023 Event

A standout moment during my time at SimplyGood was in July, when I had the privilege of planning for Greenhouse 2023, an event organized by Pass It On. This event brought together more than 60 local home and lifestyle brands, showcasing an array of sustainable products. It was an incredible opportunity to educate and inspire the public about adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. I was entrusted with handling all aspects of the event, from coordination to logistics, and I am deeply grateful for the team's trust in me.

Overall, my journey at SimplyGood was a delightful mix of fun and learning. The team's patience and support were instrumental in my growth as an individual and a professional. I am truly thankful for the experiences and knowledge I gained during my time with them.

Written by: Jas Gan