This Saturday is Earth Day 2023, and being the little sustainability warriors that we are, of course, we will be participating, and we want you to do the same!

Ok, so before we get into the nitty-gritty of Earth Day 2023, let’s get some history.

After its inception in April 1970, Earth Day has become the largest recruiter to the global environmental movement, by mobilizing more than one billion people worldwide for the future of the planet and has more than 75,000 partners working towards positive action.

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 Earth Day will celebrate its fifty-third birthday under the theme of INVEST IN OUR PLANET

This year’s theme highlights the importance of dedicating time, energy, and resources to solving Climate Change and other environmental issues. It’s a necessity to INVEST IN OUR PLANET, for us (everyone) to protect it and pave a sustainable way forward.  Adopting and creating action around this mantra means that we don’t only safeguard the precious and fragile ecosystems for our mini humans that will take over the caretaking but investing in our planet means we are supporting and protecting the world’s most vulnerable communities at the same time.

Here are a few ways you can involve yourself in Earth Day this year:

DONATE: Literally putting your money where your mouth is. Head to and donate today, as a one-off payment or a monthly contribution. A monthly subscription is an awesome gift for your eco-minded loved ones, not the boring, run-of-the-mill candle you probably first thought of.

EDUCATE Education around the issues we face as a population and planet is important. For people to care and act, they must be emotionally invested, without truly knowing the ramifications of the not-so-mindful global lifestyle we’ve all been participating in, it’s hard to do that. This could be reading books to your children on sustainability and the diverse ecosystems of the world, or something fun like an environmental trivia night with your mates.

PLANT A TREE: Trees give us oxygen, absorb carbon and greenhouse gases and are home to wildlife, and provide shade + shelter – enough said.

CREATE A PLAN: The most effective way to implement change on any level is with a plan, so on Saturday the 22nd sit down and come up with realistic and achievable ways that you can INVEST IN OUR PLANET.

For information about the annual event and for more ways you can get involved head to the Earth Day 2023 site.