6 Months Internship Experience | Marketing & Operations

6 Months Internship - Stella Experience

Hello! I’m Stella, a final-year Psychology and Marketing student at Singapore Management University. At SimplyGood, I embraced the dual role of Operations and Marketing Intern, a challenge that both intrigued and intimidated me due to my limited exposure to Operations. Nevertheless, I was eager and prepared to dive into the role.


In the Operations realm, the initial learning curve was steep, given my unfamiliarity with the processes. Despite this, I quickly acquired the necessary skills, transitioning to working autonomously to ensure the smooth flow of daily operations. Alongside this, I refined my people management skills through effective communication and coordination with not just our warehouse staff but our clients as well. On the technical front, I developed hard skills such as daily order fulfillment, running of cost simulations and supply procurement, just to name a few.

The Marketing facet introduced me to the intricate world of e-commerce marketplaces, providing me with meaningful exposure to the behind-the-scenes of sellers. Managing SimplyGood's Instagram account was a fulfilling responsibility, offering firsthand insight into how each post engaged our followers and drew in new audiences. As my internship progressed, I delved into the impactful realm of live streaming and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Managing relationships with KOLs and live streamers, I gained valuable insights into the process of working with them and fulfilling livestream orders. Additionally, I delved into the impactful realm of email marketing, crafting newsletters that not only communicated effectively with our subscribers but also contributed to tangible revenue generation.

Overall Journey
Reflecting on my overall journey at SimplyGood, it was a delightful blend of both enjoyment and learning. Working with a tight-knit team was a highlight, and the patience and support extended by everyone played a pivotal role in guiding me through my internship. I'm genuinely thankful for the experiences and knowledge gained during my time with them. The experience offered by SimplyGood extends beyond a rare opportunity for industry exposure; it's a platform where learning is encouraged without the fear of making mistakes.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone keen on delving into Singapore's Sustainability Startup scene to consider interning at SimplyGood. You'll find yourself meaningfully engaged, contributing to driving change in one of Singapore’s foremost sustainability startups.