Debunking 5 household cleaning myths you swore by

Cleaning bottles of different sizes

It takes a lot of effort to keep your home tidy and we’re always in search of tips to make the process easier. We’ve all heard of home cleaning remedies that have been passed down generation after generation, and while your trusted mom probably swears by it, are they really useful? Perhaps it’s time to clear the air - here’s 5 common cleaning myths debunked.

1. Use newspapers to wipe windows and mirrors for a streak-free shine.

That’s old news! Though it used to work, this is no longer possible with modern-day newspapers that are printed on thinner paper which disintegrates far quicker when it touches cleaning solutions, leaving paper residue all over your glass surfaces. You’re much better off using a microfibre cloth instead! 

What you can do: Drop SimplyGood’s Window & Glass Cleaning Tablets into any spray bottle and wait for it to dissolve into a streak-free cleaning solution. Spray this onto your windows and mirrors, and wipe it down with SimplyGood’s New Eco-Cloth. Every eco-cloth can save up to 2250 pieces of paper or paper towel. 

2. Bleach is the cleaning solution to everything.

Bleach is a useful tool to disinfect surfaces or whiten your clothes, but it shouldn’t be your go-to for all purposes (it doesn’t help with degreasing). Residual bleach is also an irritant for your eyes, skin and lungs. Unless cleaned up thoroughly, you could risk creating a harmful environment for you, your kids and furry friends. 

What you can do: Next time you’re cleaning your bathroom, don’t reach for the bleach! SimplyGood’s Bathroom Cleaning Tablets are a natural, safe and non-toxic alternative and they are even pet-friendly. It’s perfect for ridding soap and toothpaste scum, and is suitable for tubs, tiles, sinks and porcelain. Just drop 2 tablets into water and give your sink a good few sprays before rinsing.

3. Always soak your dishes overnight for an easier clean after.

While some cooking utensils need soaking for easier scrubbing, this is not the case for all kitchenware. Stainless steel pots and pans will end up with water stains and pitted surfaces if left to soak, and wooden utensils are also prone to water damage. Conditions are perfect for bacteria to grow too - nah, you don’t want that happening.

What you can do: Don’t soak your dishes overnight! Take extra precaution from health hazards after doing dishes by wiping down your sink and countertop with SimplyGood’s hardworking Multi-Purpose Cleaners. They cut through grease, spills and sticky messes easily. 

4. Cleaning products work instantly.

Don’t be fooled by what you see on TV - simply spraying and wiping right after won’t make stains go away. Germs and grime cannot be broken down just like that, and you’ll end up just wasting your cleaning product. 

What you can do: After spraying your solution on a surface, let it settle for 10 seconds. You’ll find the cleaners working more effectively on your surfaces! If you’re also looking for an eco-friendly cloth to use with your cleaners to wipe stains and spills, try SimplyGood’s reusable Eco Cleaning Cloth.

5. Natural cleaning products are not as effective as traditional cleaners.

This is a common misconception as natural cleaners do not contain strong chemicals such as ammonia, otherwise found in traditional cleaning products. Though the fast-acting chemicals save you time, you risk exposing the household to potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, natural cleaners with plant-based ingredients are just as effective as conventional cleaners. 

What you can do: Stay clean and safe while cleaning our planet at the same time. Use SimplyGood’s 100% plant-based and non-toxic cleaning tablets that are also pet-friendly. They are a ton smaller and lighter than conventional liquid cleaners, so you help to reduce carbon footprint and single-use plastics with every tablet used.

If you haven’t already made the switch to natural alternatives, SimplyGood’s Complete Home Cleaning Kit can get you started.


Considering how easily misinformation about cleaning can spread in today’s digital world, always be discerning whenever you’re thinking about the best ways to clean your home. No more excuses and doubting your cleaning practices - you’re all set to tackle the toughest cleaning days!