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[PRE-ORDER: To Ship by 20 April] Super Cleaning Bundle

[PRE-ORDER: To Ship by 20 April] Super Cleaning Bundle

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Due to HIGH DEMAND for our Super Cleaning Bundle, it is currently under pre-order, and will only be shipped out by 20 April 2023. If you have more than one item in your order, note that you order will be shipped out together with your pre-order items.

There’s never been a better time to switch to SimplyGood. Our Super Cleaning Bundle includes all our best sellers in one MEGA discounted bundle price!  

This bundle consists of 3x 1L Food Grade Sanitizer Refills, 6x 50ml Food Grade Sanitiser, 3x 50ml Insect Repellent, and 1x Multi-Pack Cleaning Tablets (Set of 3):

Cleaning Tablets:

Each packet of cleaning tablet creates 500ml of cleaning solution. With our tablet refills, all you need is one bottle forever.

✔ Reduce Single-Use Plastic bottles

✔ 300x lighter & 200x smaller (Reduces carbon footprint)

✔ Natural, Safe & Non-toxic - No Ammonia, Chlorine, EDTA, and Parabens added

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablet (Scent: Lemon Guava):

Cut through grease, spills, and sticky messes easily with our hardworking, all-purpose cleaner. Application Areas: Counter, tile, stone, wood, stove, basically any surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaning Tablet (Scent: Mandarin Orange):

Soap scum and toothpaste grime are no match for our non-toxic and mighty cleaning tablets. Application Areas: Tub, tile, sink, porcelain.

Window & Glass Cleaning Tablet (Scent: Fresh Mint):

Watch as fingerprints and dust disappear from your windows and mirrors without a streak. Application Areas: Glass, Mirror, Windows.

Food Grade Sanitizers:

Our SimplyGood Food Grade sanitizers are perfect for use on all food contact surfaces (ie. utensils, cookware, dining areas) and for sanitizing hands before handling food. Our ingredients are naturally derived from 100% plant-based ingredients. All sanitisers are regulated, certified, and produced in local food-grade compliant facilities.

✔ Food-grade sanitation (safe for food contact surfaces)

✔ 70% Ethyl alcohol that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

✔ No sulphates, chlorines EDTA and parabens added

✔ Skin-friendly (pH7)

✔ No dilution required, ready to use on arrival

All-Natural Insect Repellent:

SimplyGood’s All-Natural Insect Repellent is made with 100% natural ingredients: Ethanol, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Geranium Oil, and Glycerine.

✔ All-Natural

✔ Safe for babies, children, and pregnant ladies

✔ No DEET (No skin-irritation)

✔ Sanitizing properties

✔ Fast-drying & long-lasting


SimplyGood SG | Refill Tablets | Multi-Pack Cleaning Tablets SimplyGood SG | Refill Tablets | Multi-Pack Cleaning Tablets

Food Grade Sanitizers: 70% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, deionized water, Isopropyl alcohol. SimplyGood Food Grade Sanitizers are produced at a food-grade facility. Our ingredients are all naturally derived from organic wheat.

Insect Repellent: Ethanol, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Geranium Oil, Glycerine

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