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Food Grade Sanitiser Refill Packs
Food Grade Sanitiser Refill Packs
Food Grade Sanitiser Refill Packs

Food Grade Sanitiser Refill Packs

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This is a new product launched in light of the recent viral COVID-19 outbreak. As our contribution to fighting the Coronavirus, we are hoping to make these products readily available to everyone

( Please read !!! )
Difference between SimplyGood 's Food Grade vs Industrial grade sanitisers:

More Info:
70% Ethyl Alcohol (Food Grade)

SimplyGood Food Grade Sanitiser (Works on Hand & Food surfaces) is specially formulated to sanitise and kill 99.99% viruses & bacteria. It is safe and non-toxic for your skin. As this is a food grade product it can be used to sanitise any food contact surfaces such as utensils, knives, cutting boards, dining tables, kitchen & any food preparation surfaces. It can also be used to sanitise general surfaces at your offices and homes. Ready to use product, no dilution required.

  • Kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses
  • Safe & Non- Toxic (Food Grade)
  • No sulphates, chlorine, EDTA and parabens added
  • Skin-friendly (pH7)

Ingredients: 70% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, deionised water, Isopropyl alcohol

* Reduce multiple single use plastic bottles with refills & enjoy cheaper unit prices!!!

How to use:

1. Spray liquid from a spray bottle on food contact surfaces and wipe. Sanitises within 30 seconds.
2. Apply liquid on hands and rub thoroughly. Sanitises within 30 seconds

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Food Grade Sanitiser Refill Packs

Food Grade Sanitiser Refill Packs

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Lis S.
Singapore Singapore
Finer mist and milder alcohol scent as compared to isopropyl alcohol

I am using it for food contact surfaces like cutting board and knives. Additionally, I spray the alcohol on my facial cleansing brush after each use to prevent bacteria growth. It's also great for makeup brushes, and although I'm not using them now since we are all staying home. I feel better to refresh them with the alcohol from time to time due to Singapore's humid weather that can cause moisture buildup in brushes that aren't regularly used. Moisture buildup leads to bacteria growth. I like that the most is finer and the scent is milder as compared to industrial grade isopropyl alcohol - I have both, I use the latter for general sanitizing on desk, keyboards etc. Will be back for refills.

Fong L.
Singapore Singapore
Product and packaging

Product  We like the mild scent at the beginning which goes away after use. It gives us comfort to know it is food grade sanitizer and therefore we can use with it and with confidence. We consider re-ordering. But please improve your packaging (see point below) Packaging.  We bought 3 packs. We noted double-sided tape at the back of each pack, presumably trying to bind them together. However, when we opened the box, these 3 packs were all over the place.  It was difficult to remove the double sided tape and was sticky to touch. To cover the stickiness, we had to place another Scotch tape  over it. Please reconsider your packaging. 

Hui Y.
Singapore Singapore
Great service and prompt!

Great. I had prompt email replies. The product arrived very quickly and it’s a very good product

Singapore Singapore
Thank you, awesome product!

Just when the supermarkets ran out of stock, I managed to find this AMAZING FOOD GRADE product to share with my family and friends! Love that it's food grade allowing me to sanitise my utensils and food contact surfaces, which is really useful at a time like this.

Singapore Singapore
LOVING the Sanitisers

I love that the sanitiser is food grade and all natural. Also like how it is non sticky after application as well. Good job! Keep up the good work!!