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The SimplyGood Team



At SimplyGood, we dont mess around when it comes to sustainability.

Created by the UglyGood team, SimplyGood is a consumer brand that shines the spotlight on plastic waste with its line of sustainable cleaning products.

"As millennials who live in Singapore, we are deeply concerned about the issues of environmental sustainability & climate change. Hence, we founded SimplyGood - A sustainable home care ecommerce brand to reduce single use plastics starting from home. We are strong believers of “Be the change you want to see in the world” hence we are creating a sustainable alternative for our generation and future generations to come. The future is here, sustainability makes good business and will also be a business for good."

Our Vision: Create the future of sustainable living starting from home

Our Mission is simple: Reimaging the homecare industry to be more sustainable through innovative alternatives & reusable packaging 

Jeremy Lee
CEO & CoFounder 


Why we do what do?

Having seen the plastic problem on the global scale, we are convinced that plastic straws aren’t the main culprits – consumers’ purchasing decisions are. This is why we conceived a simple yet elegant solution to help consumers make sustainable decisions, starting with cleaning solutions in refillable tablet form and reusable bottles. 

All these are made possible, because we have built sustainability into our products and processes, all while focusing on offering our consumers a simple and good user experience.

The statistics are terrifying. A recent study [1] showed that Singaporeans use 467 million plastic bottles a year. Linking each bottle from top to bottom, they stretch across 107,410km, equivalent to going around the earth 2.6 times. But Singapore is just one country. A Bank of America global research report recently revealed that Asia contributes 82% of plastic waste entering oceans. Globally, 1 million plastic bottles are being bought every minute, ranging from consumer products like shampoo conditioners to cleaning solutions.

So, why does this affect us? Tiny plastic particles are found in air, food and water. The average person unintentionally consumes a credit card’s worth of plastic – 5g – a week. This adds up to about 260g of plastic that a human being eats, drinks or breathes in a year, according to a World Wide Fund for Nature study. Needless to say, this brings up images of animals ingesting plastic materials and is detrimental to humans as well, whether or not we are aware of it.

These events affect our everyday lives and our future, which is why we are obsessed with making a positive impact in these areas. Previously, UglyGood diverted over 50,000kg of food waste, transforming these into valuable products. Now, let’s take a stand and deal with this plastic problem together. Join us, because we simply want to do good better.







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