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Post Circuit Breaker Care Packs
Front and back view of reusable mask
Family Care Pack
Mask with filter compartment
Mask dimensions
Comparison of mask properties
SimplyGood's mask properties

Care Packs

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Receive within 3 working days.

Back to Work Care Pack - 3 x 50ml sanitisers + 1 x adult face guard
Back to School Care Pack - 3 x 50ml sanitisers + 1 x kids face guard
Family Care Pack -  6 x 50ml sanitisers + 2 x adult mask + 2 x kids face guard

This is a new care pack launched in preparation for the end of the circuit breaker. As our contribution to fighting the virus, we are hoping to make these products readily available to everyone


For reusable face shield:

These 3D contour reusable face guard provide a comfortable fit as it is made of 100% cotton, which are water repellant and washable. It also comes with an inner compartment slot, where filters can be inserted by making a small fold at the top/bottom. 

  • 100% cotton - breathable
  • 3D contour full coverage
  • Elastic ear straps
  • Washable
  • Non- toxic 
  • Environmental friendly - reusable
  • Inner compartment slot for filter for enhanced protection (optional)
* For first time usage, please wash before use 
* Sanitise your hands before wearing and after removing 


  • Insert a filter with the metal band at the bottom or simply cut off the metal band as the metal band will affect the fit around the nose
  • After usage, remove from behind the ears and avoid touching the front part.
  • If reusing within the same day, spray the reusable face guard with the sanitiser and wait for 30 seconds before wearing. 
  • Wash with warm water and soap with similar colours & air dry
  • Do not iron 

For Sanitisers:
( Please read !!! ) 
Difference between SimplyGood 's Food Grade vs Industrial grade sanitisers: 

More Info: 
70% Ethyl Alcohol (Food Grade)

SimplyGood Food Grade Sanitiser (Works on Hand & Food surfaces) is specially formulated to sanitise and kill 99.99% germs & bacteria. It is safe and non-toxic for your skin. As this is a food grade product it can be used to sanitise any food contact surfaces such as utensils, knives, cutting boards, dining tables, kitchen & any food preparation surfaces. It can also be used to sanitise general surfaces at your offices and homes. Ready to use product, no dilution required.

  • Kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses
  • Safe & Non- Toxic (Food Grade)
  • No sulphates, chlorine, EDTA and parabens added
  • Skin-friendly (pH7)

Ingredients: 70% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, deionised water, Isopropyl alcohol

How to use:
1. Spray liquid from a spray bottle on food contact surfaces and wipe. Sanitises within 30 seconds.
2. Apply liquid on hands and rub thoroughly. Sanitises within 30 seconds
Post Circuit Breaker Care Packs

Care Packs